Eyes of the blind.

Everything that feels like a dream.

Poetic Silence


Days when inspiration 

does not fly across my page

Are not the days

when I have nothing to say

But are the times

when words struggle

to break free from my mind.

do not
your hand
in the mouth of loneliness.
it’s teeth are soft
but it will scar you for life.

nayyirah waheed, do not be seduced by the lonely ones (via perfect)

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Every flower must go through dirt.

—6-word Story, #34 (via headonyourchest)



“Same sex couples shouldn’t be able to adopt because their kids will get bullied for having two moms or two dads”


instead of not allowing same sex couples to adopt

maybe you should teach your little shitty kids not to bully

this is the best shit ive read in a fucking while.

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